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Accelerate Solar

Recently, Chris Verner of Accelerate Solar based in Charlotte, North Carolina, shared his great success with Sun Bandit.


Chris Verner of Accelerate Solar based in Charlotte, North Carolina was recently looking for an alternative to traditional solar thermal systems. The fluids, pump stations, and complicated engineering was taking too long to install and making long-term maintenance a problem for their customers.


After becoming aware of Sun Bandit®, Verner's 20 years of experience told him right away that he was looking at a revolutionary line of products.

His first installation happened to be during January. Verner replaced (2) 80 gallon standard hot water heating tanks with one Sun Bandit 80 gallon tank. The full system included 6 top of the line PV panels and 3 Sun Bandit AC micro-grid invertors (SB-80E-300).


Verner’s customer is ecstatic. During the first four weeks of operation, they spent only $1.00 of grid-tied energy for their hot water needs. These figures are particularly astounding due to the fact that January is one of the least productive months for solar due to the shorter days.

Verner was so impressed by the user-friendliness, efficiency, and cost-savings of Sun Bandit that he will no longer be offering traditional solar thermal for domestic hot water heating! Verner installs about 30kW of residential PV systems per month and will be incorporating Sun Bandit into every PV systems offering for his customers.

Accelerate Solar - Sun Bandit® Success Story

Sun Bandit® kits allow our team to significantly decrease installation time which increases net installations.

Chris Verner Owner, Accelerate Solar

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