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Deltec Homes

Faced with multiple solar installation challenges, a North Carolina homebuilder turned to Deltec Homes and Sun Bandit® to help make their client's green dream home a reality.


Their client, a couple building a retirement home in the mountains, wanted a home that was both energy efficient and powered by solar. The problem? The home is served by a small electric cooperative, not an investor-owned utility. That means the cooperative is exempt from North Carolina’s net-metering rules—making grid-tied solar more expensive and complicated.

With a short building timeframe, and no option for a net-metered grid-tied system, the couple worried their house wouldn’t be as green or as energy efficient as they’d imagined.


Fortunately, the couple chose to build a Deltec Home. The company’s highly energy-efficient panelized home kit from its Renew Collection uses two-thirds less energy than a typical home of the same size. The trusses and wall panels with pre-installed windows and siding were built in Deltec’s Asheville factory and then shipped to the jobsite, where the house was erected in just days.

To further save energy, the builder installed Sun Bandit’s solar hot water system to power one of the home’s biggest energy draws—water heating—with free energy from the sun.


Sun Bandit’s stand-alone system requires no grid interconnection, eliminating any involvement from the electric cooperative. And the system’s four PV modules could be located on the east-facing roof while still meeting the couple’s hot water needs.

The solution worked so well that Deltec Homes is now offering a Sun Bandit hybrid solar kit with every panelized home.

Deltec Homes - Sun Bandit® Success Story

“Sun Bandit is just as efficient but with much less maintenance than old-style solar thermal systems, something many of our customers used to complain about. We are proud to offer Sun Bandit to our customers. It's a winning combination: Deltec's super-efficient panelized home systems and a trouble-free solar hot water heating system that makes achieving net-zero easier.”

Leigha Dickens Green Building and Sustainability Manager for Deltec Homes

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