Greene Tech Renewable Energy, LLC

Greene Tech Renewable Energy, LLC

Eighty five-year-old CIA veteran Joe Kelly’s lifetime of covert military service had him operating on and off the grid in 45 countries spanning over 22 years.


Not one to idle in retirement, his latest unconventional endeavor has again driven him ‘underground’—this time quite literally, in rural Jonesborough, Tennessee, where he resides in a 2,800-square-foot earth berm home.

Once secure in his self-described cave, Kelly set out on a mission to make his home completely independent of the area’s power and water grids. His aim was to operate without fail in event of a power outage or unforeseen disaster.


After ‘vetting’ several solar sources, Kelly selected Sun Bandit preferred partner Ian Huddleston of Greene Tech Renewable Energy to deliver a solar solution that could power his subterranean abode and workshop, pump water from a nearby well and provide plenty of hot water independent of the grid.


A fiercely self-sufficient soldier, Joe Kelly inspires many of us to consider the peace of mind that comes with energy independent living.

Greene Tech Renewable Energy’s video tour of his completed PV system

The fact that his 5.25 kW solar PV system and Sun Bandit hybrid solar water heating system deliver a 30% federal Investment Tax Credit reinforces the prudence of his survivalist strategy. A little extra financial independence can be quite liberating.

Greene Tech Renewable Energy, LLC - Sun Bandit® Success Story

Sun Bandit’s off-grid efficiencies earned it a perfect 10 in the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA’s) Energy Right eScore program, heat pump water heaters scored only a 7.

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