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Energy for Everyone

A Sun Bandit Solution is the most efficient way to heat water on the planet.

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How it Works

Sun Bandit uses solar PV panels and micro-grid technology to heat water during the day and stores it for future use in the home.

Sun Bandit Operates as a Stand-Alone System

Solar PV panels and Sun Bandit micro-grid technology operate independent of the grid to provide primary heating with electric, natural gas or propane serving as backup allowing it to work off-grid and during power outages.

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How It Works 2/5
Solar PV Panels
solar panels

Solar PV panels capture and convert sunlight into DC electricity.

Sun Bandit AC Inverter
sun bandit micro inverter

Then the inverter converts DC electricity into AC electricity. No net-meter or utility connection is needed.

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Fused AC Disconnect

The S-100 turns off the Sun Bandit circuit.

Sun Bandit Monitor
Sun Bandit Monitor

The Sun Bandit monitor within the S-100 displays and records the solar output records.

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Sun Bandit AC Micro-Grid Thermostats
Sun Bandit Thermostat

The Sun Bandit AC Micro-grid Thermostats adjust the set point temperature of the Micro-Grid elements. The recommended setting is VERY HOT(160° F).
(A mix valve must be installed.)

Grid Tied Electric Element/Gas Control
Sun Bandit Monitor

The grid tied electrical element/gas control adjust the minimum tank temperature.

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Mixing Valve

The mixing valve adjusts the temperature of the water to the fixtures.

Grid Disconnect
Power Grid

The grid disconnect is controlled automatically by the Sun Bandit® water heater.

Sun Bandit Solar Hybrid Water Heater
grid power

The Sun Bandit Solar Hybrid Water Heater installs similar to a standard water heater and stores solar energy as hot water for future use.

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Sun Bandit provides simple, clean, and dependable renewable energy that is easy to enjoy for everyone.


It is now possible for more people in more places to enjoy the benefits of an
off-grid on-site energy storage solution. Sun Bandit technologies provide the most economical and user-friendly way to utilize the free energy of the sun.

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